YouTube videos and channels for tutors and learners

Get up to speed quickly and easily with a selection of awards in Education and Training / Ptlls and education resources on YouTube. Since the last post about YouTube and online video resources five years ago there has been an explosion in resources.

Ann Gravells is the foremost Ptlls author and a trainer, her YouTube channel has several videos covering the teaching, learning, and assessment cycle, the micro teach and other recommended videos.

The examining body AQA has many videos covering all levels of education and related features. City and Guilds ran Ptlls previously and are more vocationally focused. They have accrued tens of thousands of views on videos covering all areas including functional skills and apprenticeships.

TrainAid is a training provider for the Award and their YouTube channel has some resource videos too.

The Education and Training Foundation is supported by the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills. Their channel has useful playlists for FE tutors.

The TED phenomenon has swept all of YouTube before it and has many channels. TEDx and TED-Ed are particularly relevant to our needs.

Blackboard is an educational software company whose learning platforms you may well have used. On YouTube, they have plenty of videos covering not only technology and their own products but learning and education at every level.

OU Learn is the Open University‚Äôs channel covering a massive array of topics. All beautifully produced and informative for both you and your learners.

CrashCourse is a project by young adult author John Green with interesting videos on a wide range of subjects that any teenage learners will love.

Some of the best educational videos are by Sir Ken Robinson, who adeptly exposes the education system and speaks passionately about all it can achieve. Over nine million people have watched his TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity? Then watch Bring On the Learning Revolution and How To Change Education.

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