What is Remote Learning?

This Covid 19 Pandemic is a global crisis which has not only affected the economy of the world in general but also the education of our future generation. The disturbance has proved to be the problem in the education system. The problem that our teachers were never enough trained to use electronic gadgets, never trained enough to teach students on webcams. The trick and techniques were changed and disturbed when Zoom was the only option these days.

It was tough for both children and teachers. The number of students that will experience education disruption grows daily. The system needs to be changed to make sure that the students are getting full attendances and proper online education. This is when Remote Learning or Distant Learning is required and acknowledged the most. Remote Learning provides sources for people so that they can get aware of thing remotely while sitting miles away from the source.

It is different from virtual school or virtual learning programs that typically have gone through an official process of establishing a school, adopting an online curriculum, and creating a dedicated structure to support students enrolled in the school.

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