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Teacher training programme to support Children’s Mental Health

TWO Helensburgh residents are hoping to transform the way in which mental health support is provided to children in school and at home through the launch of a new handbook and training scheme.

Lorna Davies and Jacqueline McGill, the brains behind Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching, officially launched Coaching in the Classroom at the end of last month, a unique story-telling programme designed to support teachers in building mental and emotional resiliency in their classrooms.

The programme has been in beta testing since late 2020 but the local duo felt now was the perfect time to release their latest work, with mental health becoming a key footnote to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

“I’ve been a teacher for 21 years, and we’re on the front line of children’s mental health,” said Jacqueline.

“The best way for the teachers to support the children is for the teachers to have the support and training they need to deal with these issues in a constructive way in the classroom.”

The full ‘Coaching in the Classroom’ programme, which costs £60 per teacher, instructs how to use the power of storytelling to build mental and emotional resiliency in children, especially around the concept of worry.

Lorna said: “The Worry, a story about a boy facing his own growing worry, uses our proprietary six-step Wisdom Process to help children learn and practice the skills of dealing with worry – a critical skill when it comes to the anxiety that may be associated with returning to the classroom.”

With a focus on empowering the adults who support children the most – parents and teachers – the programmes are built to lead children through a simple six-step Wisdom Process to not only learn, but implement critical mindset skills.

The entire Library of Wisdom is available online, as well as the newly released Coaching in the Classroom programme

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