PTLLS – Pre Course Requirements

Different Online Courses have a different course requirements that a candidate must complete in order to appear in the course. Similarly the PTLLS course also has minimum requirements from the candidates. These certain requirements are a must by all the teachers or candidates that appear in the course.

The age range, core skills and minimum tecnological requirements for the PTLLS course are the following;

Age Range: 19+

Core Skills: There is no formal requirement to train for this course, however, the candidates must possess reading and writing skills to complete the course effectively.

Technological Requirements: The candidate must possess an active internet connection, a laptop or a personal computer with any operating system. Other than that the candidate will have to record a video for assessment. A 15-minute long micro-teach session on any topic as well, with around 3 people in the video that must be over the age of 16.

The requirements might differ with the different coaching schools.
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