Practical Level 03 – Question 07

Q-07: At the end of the programme, complete a summative profile and action plan.

This is tied in with summarizing your Ptlls experience and planning ahead. It is anything but a major task (and these are short notes) however is consistently worth investing some energy in to.

Summative profile and activity plan

This task contains Form 9 which is in three areas named

  • My overall development and strengths as a result of attending this programme
  • Personal statement: Where I am now, the subject I am delivering and what I wish to do in the future
  • Action Plan: What I intend to do now to help me progress with my teaching/training career and maintain continuous professional development

Your general turn of events and qualities is simply standing out you-now from you-previously. This isn’t the ideal opportunity for humility, all things considered. You should be emphatic and legit. The general purpose of doing the course was to learn, so show you have. The individual assertion is a reflection on you-now: where you believe you are at, what you are having some expertise in and what you need to do going ahead – your profile. The activity plan gets more explicit about how you will go ahead.

As to activity plan: I believe it’s alright on the off chance that you don’t really have the foggiest idea what you need to do later on. Nobody will come checking. Be that as it may, it’s essential to show you are paying attention to this all and know about your choices.

My own model: I didn’t generally have a clue what I needed to or ought to do straight away. I was somewhat in motion and to be reasonable I don’t think my course did an especially extraordinary occupation of conversing with us about the future, they only sort of expected we would go on to the following level or off into educating. My answer was a piece waffly and avoided, which is presumably why I got a level 3 for the task. If I was doing that now, I would compose that I needed to advance to Ctlls, that I needed to locate some intentional showing hours, keep awake to date with enactment – just to show I was paying attention to things and knew all the alternatives.

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