Key details of the PTLLS Course

Certain courses have certain requirements in the field of learning. The teachers must possess a certain amount of knowledge and a course certification in order to teach in the learning sector. Similarly, this course PTLLS – Preparation to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector is suitable if the teacher wants to teach level 3 courses or below in their specific special fields.

This course is generally for the participants who are beginning their careers in the training of NVQ, QCF, RQF type courses. No previous experience or current training role is as such required to taking the course. The course is ideal to teach or train in diverse sectors as well.

The candidate can opt for this course if they want to teach for a specific amount of time rather than full-time courses. The candidates shall not teach regulated qualifications, but they might need to fulfil the specific requirement of having a teaching qualification.

The course can be used as a path for moving ahead for Level 4 Certification in the E&T, but that does not work as a requirement. If the candidate is serious about teaching in the learning sector for long-time basis than they should directly enrol in the Level 4 certification CET or the Level 5 certification DET.

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