Is Remote Learning Better than Traditional Learning

Remote education is a method of learning without going to school. It uses different technologies like emails, audio, video recordings, skype calls etc. But the question arises that is the remote education only a temporary, less-than-ideal solution, or is it more efficient than traditional schooling?
With distance learning, the energy and time of students can be saved.

It prevents students from rushing from one class to another, keeping their minds free of stress and anxiety. Students can have about an hour more time every day in which they can enjoy more outdoor activities. Whereas school leaning can be very exhausting since it requires 4-5 hours per day. Kids eventually get tired after coming back. They don’t get time for extracurricular activities in the case of school learning.

But on the other side, distance learning is much less motivational as compared to school learning. There are fewer possibilities of kids questioning from teacher and teacher answering those questions since online lectures are not a good idea for class participation.

Both have pros and cons. In the terms of better education, school learning is preferred. But distant learning is preferred when it comes to a child’s health. Kids are not introduced to the group work in remote learning since they cannot interact or meet each other. But school learning is best for group works.

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