Formatting PTLLS Assignment

Instructions for this should be in your Ptlls handbook and you should familiarise yourself with the guidance there, checking with your tutor if anything is unclear. The formatting refers to the visual presentation of your essay and can vary.

Some issues to be aware of:

  • Should you put your name on the essay or keep it anonymous with a candidate number, etc?
  • Do you need to write out the full title of the essay?
  • Are there instructions about font, font size and line spacing?
  • Do you need to show your word count?

Depending on the institution not following the guidelines may affect your mark or may result in your work being returned to you, wasting everyone’s time.

There are also the official front sheets that need to be filled in and attached to your essay, don’t forget about those and make sure you have an extra copy in case something goes wrong. Another tip is to always make sure you have an extra printed copy of your essay so it is quick to replace if it should get lost and make sure your original is safely handed in.

That your work should be word-processed is a given, really. If you don’t have access to a computer at home you can try local libraries, the vast majority of which now have at least a few computers and bigger libraries may have dozens, free to use though there will probably be printing charges. If your Ptlls course is one you attend at a college they will also have lots of computer resources. And if you’re not confident with or comfortable using a PC that needs sorting out as well, you can use the course as a kickstart. There are lots of computer courses available: start your search at your local college, council or library.

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